//La Lux Life// MY FIRST POST

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now.

Blogging Liverpool

I thought that blogging was for people who had their shit together. If any of you are obsessed with YouTube and blogs and vlogs like I am, you’ll know how you sit there, green with jealousy at these girls and how they have the perfect lives, how much stuff they have and how stylish they are.

Well, I don’t have my shit together, my life isn’t always perfect, I have an average amount of stuff (I’m always collecting more!) and being stylish is a matter of opinion. But do you know what, I’m going to blog anyway and I really hope you enjoy my posts. 

This blog is about focusing on what you love, which for me is make up and beauty, fashion and spending time with friends and family. I really hope that my musings help you focus on what you love, and if not, it gives you a chance to have a little nosey at my life (who doesn’t love that!). But if you love the same things as me, I hope it inspires you, gives you some ideas or simply helps you to love those things a little bit more. 

I always talk about the Holy Trinity of Life (this isn’t as deep as it first sounds!); work, friends, love. Those are the three things I think most girls my age strive for. A great job, super fun friends, amazing boyfriend. I’m telling you now, if you manage to have all three of those at the same time, you’re a liar (in the nicest sense of the word!).

Facebook is the worst. Facebook is full of attention-seeking liars, do not believe a word of it. No one goes through something shitty and puts it on social media, unless they’re moaning about a cold they’ve got or saying RIP Nan (why the hell do people do that? Was your Nan even on Facebook?). We live in a world where everyone is competing to be the happiest, and when you’re not happy all the time, it’s SO annoying to see everyone that ‘supposedly’ is. I’m telling you now, they’re not.

But when you really think about it, very often, we have reached the Holy Trinity; I mean, I’ve got a job I really enjoy (it’s not perfect by any means), the best man in the entire world (that I am pretty smug about, soz!) and a small but perfectly formed group of wonderful family and friends, who I know, would always be there for me if I needed them. But if you’re anything like me, you choose to focus on the negatives, not the positives. I’m hoping this blog will change that for me, and maybe help you focus on the positives in your life too.

I have super shitty days in work where I want to pack it all in. The dole is pretty good now I hear and I remember the couple of months I was on it when I came out of Uni being pretty cushy! But one shitty day in work doesn’t mean my life is falling apart.

One total cowbag of a friend doesn’t mean all your friendships have crumbled to dust and everyone hates you. Yes, I really am that dramatic.

So I hope this blog will mean I’ll focus on the good things in life and what makes me happy. Whether that’s a new hobby, a cool beauty product, a great date with my husband or a fun night out with my girlfriends (maybe the need for a blog post will force us to go out a bit more!). And hopefully, it might inspire you to feel a bit more positive about your life, not focus on the negative things and help you stop being on such a fucking downer. Let’s go on this little journey together. Because turning 30 is a bit scary, but it our own ways, we really all do have our shit together.



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