The day Maz asked me to marry him will stay with me forever more.

Engaged Blogging Liverpool
Engaged Blogging Liverpool

It was Monday 1st July 2013 and we were going to Barcelona the next day on a little trip he had booked as a birthday present for me.

Of course, when your boyfriend of ten years books a romantic getaway for your 28th birthday, alarm bells start ringing. And they do. not. stop. From my birthday in March until pretty much the moment he proposed, I did nothing but fanaticise about our wedding, the dress, everything. It was exhausting. Coupled with the constant wedding and proposal chat with my mates, I was exhausted and it’s really frustrating to spend so much energy on something that isn’t even happening. Have any of you been in this position?

That being said, when the moment actually came, I could have died with shock.

I’d taken the day off (just coz!) and had woken up early. This was a first for me and completely threw Maz as I do not get up early, ever. He offered to make me breakfast in bed; super sweet of him, but nothing out-of-the-ordinary as he used to bring me my brekkie in bed a lot when we first started going out (not so much anymore, so if you’re reading this Maz…). But I decided to get up.

I remember walking in to the kitchen and him squeaking at me “You’re up?” – I was ruining his plan! “Yeah, but I’ll go back to bed if you’re so bothered!” was my reply, and I headed outside with the washing basket, in my dressing gown, full on greasy top knot and dried toothpaste on my spots, to collect the washing from the line.

When I got back into the kitchen, lobbed the washing basket on the side, I’d no idea my life was about to change. Sitting on the worktop was a tray, with scrambled eggs, an English muffin, cup of tea and glass of orange juice, a perfect little navy blue box and a post-it.

“We will love each other, even when we hate each other. We will care for each other when we are old and smelly and senile”. Now if you’re a total Grey’s Anatomy geek like we both are, this will make a lot more sense to you. If you’re not (what the hell is wrong with you?), you might want to watch this little clip.

And Maz presented me with the most perfect, vintage diamond ring – just like all the photos I’d had ‘secretly’ saved on my iPad (we all do it ladies, it’s fine!)

Cue me blacking out (not literally but that’s what it felt like!) and Maz was on one knee. I don’t think I’d ever felt a feeling like it in my entire life. I couldn’t speak for happiness and had never felt more in love with him than I had in that moment, seeing him kneeling on our kitchen floor, his hand shaking as he held on to the box just going “Well, will ya?”

We’ve been married nearly a year now (keep your eyes peeled for many a blog about that!) but the memory of the day he proposed is still so vivid. It’s not often in life you can pinpoint a moment where you go ‘Yep, this is it, everything is just the way it should be’ but that day was certainly one of them.

What’s your engagement story? Was it low key and intimate or a big grand gesture? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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