What you wear on your wedding day might just be the most important outfit you’ll ever buy.

Pronovias Ontario Wedding Wedding Dress Pronovias Ontario Wedding Wedding Dress

But I can imagine how its really easy to be completely overwhelmed by the process and feeling like you’ll never find The One.

I was really lucky when I bought my wedding dress. Her name was Ontario by Pronovias and she really was the most beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on. I knew she was the one the moment I saw her, long before I tried her on. And she was always on my mind, no matter how many others I came across.

My wedding dress My wedding dress

I thought I’d put together my five top tips for buying your wedding dress – things I think I would have benefited from when I was buying mine.


You may notice I’ve used the words outfit a couple of times in this post so far. That’s because I honestly believe you should wear whatever you like on your wedding day. It’s your day, do it your way. I’ve seen some blogs where the most stunning brides have been dressed in emerald green satin, chic trouser suits, short tea dresses and everything in between.

In Port Sunlight Village In Port Sunlight Village

I knew I wanted something more red carpet than bridal – something a bit different. But if you’re a traditionalist, that’s brilliant too. Don’t ever move away from the vision you have of yourself in your own mind, you’ll only feel uncomfortable on the day and on your wedding day, you want to feel your most beautiful, whatever it is you wear.


I’m so proud of the fact that I saved really hard and bought my own wedding dress, with just a little help from my late grandmother, after my mum had saved some money aside that she’d left me so Nana would play a small part in my dress shopping experience.

I’m not a millionaire but I didn’t go dress shopping on a budget, I found my dress then worked super hard to get it. There are so many ways you can cut back on a wedding, don’t let your dress be one of them. And if you find a bargain dress that you adore, that’s bloody brilliant! Just spend whatever you have to to get the dress of your dreams, it might just be a case of careful budgeting. You may also consider sites such as Sell My Wedding Dress if you really do go overboard and need to recoup some costs.


The actual experience of wedding dress shopping wasn’t quite as fairy tale as I’d imagined. There was no champagne, no cupcakes, mostly just crowded changing rooms and an allocated time slot. Did you have a different experience?

About to show Dad About to show Dad

With this in mind, make sure you make a big deal of your dress shopping experience, at least the first time you go. Go for prosecco with your entourage, leave plenty of time for lunch (do not worry about getting bloated, just relax!), and try on as many dresses as you can, even if it’s just for a laugh. It can be really stressful at times, especially if you’re not feeling anything you’re trying on, so make sure you enjoy all the trappings of wedding dress shopping, because the actual shopping itself can get a bit hairy!


I totally get that you want to keep your dress a secret from your guests. You want them to be wowed when you appear at the top of that aisle, not go, oh yeah, it looks the same as in the photos.

But do you know what I think is silly, when you’re chatting to a friend of a friend or a fellow bride in the bridal shop and they refuse to give you any details of their dress or wedding, a wedding you’re not going to and a dress you’ll never see! I don’t know you love, it makes no difference to me, I’m hardly going to go shouting from the rooftops ‘This girl I don’t know is wearing an Enzioni fishtail with a cathedral length veil on her wedding day, in case any of you care!’.

Me and Ontario have a ball!   Me and Ontario have a ball!

I showed my dress to a select few people both in my bridal party and total strangers who just wanted to share in my excitement. When you’re out and about, people will inevitably ask about your dress. If you feel comfortable, just give them a hint – it’s a bit of a buzz kill to the conversation to refuse! (Speaking of sharing love, look at my gorgeous friends the Hillmans tashing on in this photo! God they are so cute!)


Yep, it’s the most expensive thing you’ll ever wear but it’s to be worn and enjoyed so whatever dress you buy, make sure it doesn’t hold you back on your wedding day. It will get make up on it, the hem will be covered in mud, the lace will be trashed but that my friends, is the sign of a great wedding (as long as these things happen towards the end of the night!)

My bespoke Mrs Luxton trainers from my friends.   My bespoke Mrs Luxton trainers from my friends.

My dress was a total disaster at the end of the night but I had the best day of my life. I hugged my friends super tightly, I cried like a baby at every opportunity, I danced until my legs ached and I waded through grass and fields for my photos. When you look at your dress in all it’s muddy glory, remember the amazing time you had. Don’t buy a dress you’re too scared to have fun in. No matter how beautiful you look, if you’re sitting on the edge of the dance floor sipping a clear drink through a straw during the reception, it’s the boring bride guests will remember and not her spectacular dress.

I’d love to hear about your wedding dress shopping experience. Perhaps you didn’t wear a dress? Have you got any top tips you’d give to brides to be looking for The One? Comment below.

All images are down to our amazing wedding photographer Christopher Ian.


8 thoughts on “//La Lux Fashion// BUYING YOUR WEDDING DRESS

  1. Amazing Lauren! I agree, no champagne was a big shock to me too! However, in hindsight, I think picking your most important outfit after a few bubbles may not be the smartest move! Friends and family will always try and help too, but as Loz says, stick to what you want and don’t be swayed by the opinion of others! My "one" was called Peoni by Sophia Tolli and I found her in Tilly Anna’s of Cheshire! She is now covered in mud, grass, pond water and a little red wine – fantastic memories of a perfect day!!! Thanks for sharing Lauren xxx


    1. And you looked a dream in it Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing your story on my blog and for reading. Congratulations to you and your hubby xxx


  2. As the mother of the beautiful bride, can I say I loved every minute of the dress shopping, even when it did become a little stressful. Lauren tried on lots of dresses in many different styles and I know that many of the ones she tried on we’re for my benefit, although deep down, they really weren’t her cup of tea, so a big thank you to Lauren for indulging me. But when she tried on ‘the one’ I just knew it was the one for her. She looked amazing and I definitely shed a tear or two. She always knew what she wanted and the dress she wore was the perfect one for her, it showed off her fantastic figure and with her amazing floral head dress she was the most stunning bride I had ever seen.


    1. And you are by far the most beautiful mother of the bride. Even if we did nearly come to blows over your shoes! And thank you for all your wonderful help when I trashed my dress, oops! Love you xxx


  3. I fell down 2 minutes into my reception in my dress. 2 voile sashes came detached and I made my bridesmaid rip them off. She cried, I just got on with the dancing! Loved my dress x


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