It’s been 365 days since Maz and I got married.

And as our anniversary approached, I was feeling a little bit blueugh. Whilst I’ve been so looking forward to celebrating with a gorgeous little weekend away in Angelsey, I’ll admit in the run up, I felt rather down about that fact it had been 12 months since the big day, simply because it really does mean our wedding is all over. I spent 15 months of my life planning for it, then we had seven weeks travelling around the world on honeymoon, and whilst life went back to normal a long time ago, with our anniversary coming up, it only reminded me that our wedding is over.

And that’s been really hard to get my head around. That the best, most exciting time of my life is seemingly behind me. Now, I know that’s not true. That our lives together will be full of the most amazing times. But when I see so many other people getting engaged and married and I remember how wonderful that is, it makes me a little sad that it’s not us.

That sadness has only been compounded by some tragic news Maz had at work earlier this week. But with that sadness, came a lot of perspective. I’ve had 365 wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, silly, romantic, inspirational and amazing days with Maz. After the events of this week, I promise to make the most of the days, hopefully many, many years, we’ll have in the future because not everyone has that luxury.

Getting through a year of marriage is an amazing achievement, something to be celebrated, not commiserated that the wedding is over. So we had champagne with our very best friends, talked about how drunk we got at the reception, watched our wedding video and have been looking back on the last year with a sense of excitement at what’s to come, not a regret that it’s all over.

We’re also loving looking over our spectacular wedding photos and I hope you’ve enjoyed having a sneak peek too.

So, if like me, you’re feeling a little melancholy that your wedding is behind you, try to look forward and remember that your life together is so much more than just your wedding day.

And to my husband, who’s no doubt reading this even though he pretends not to be interested, every day with you is the best day of my life. You make me happy beyond words and I’d like to thank you for the past year. For all the screaming rows, the cuddles in the kitchen, the walks around the block, the “hiyas” and the “love you Mrs L”‘s. But the best is yet to come. Promise? Happy anniversary Maz.  

Do you have any more inspiration for beating the post-wedding blues? How did you feel in the weeks after your wedding, and on your first anniversary? I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on how you felt.  


3 thoughts on “//La Lux Love// OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY

  1. As I sat in a restaurant opposite my lovely wife on Saturday night as we celebrated 34 years of married life and everything that we have handled in all of those years, I realised just how much I love her and how grateful I am that she has always been there. That is what married life is all about. The ability to share good times, hard times, worrying times and family times.


    1. What a lovely comment Mike. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and congratulations on many years of happy marriage to your lovely wife xxx


  2. I think knowing that there’s so much exciting things yet to come help beat those blues. I look back now and know we had a fab day but it’s disappeared a little with all that’s gone on in the last 8 years. Saying that it’s nice to look at your partner every now and then and still see that person you vowed to love through thick and thin and feel blessed that even at your worst, they’ve still loved you


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