I hate traditional wedding shoes and I’m not afraid to say it.

My wedding shoes, Hummingbird by Dune
My wedding shoes, Hummingbird by Dune

If you’re a fan of the traditional satin, kitten heeled footwear, I suggest you click off now as this post may well offend you.

It really bothers me that brides think the only options available to them are some cream/white satin monstrosities, possibly with a cheap diamante thrown in for good measure. When I was shopping for my wedding footwear, I didn’t find a single pair of ‘wedding shoes’ I liked, and even though the price point was fine at around £60 for the average pair, I wanted the shops to pay ME £60 to wear them, not the other way around.

I’m also not a fan of spending masses amount of money on a pair of designer shoes if you’re going for a full length dress. Now I appreciate a pair of Jimmys, Christians or Charlottes as much as the next person, but if I’m going to invest that kind of money, I want people to see them. And by see them, I mean look at them, admire them and ooh and aahh over them! And when you’re wearing something full length, there’s not a lot of opportunity for that. 

After searching high and low for my own shoes, I went for this beautiful pair from Dune called Hummingbird (such a pretty name!); not typically bridal but not totally left field. They were the perfect height heel for dancing all night and the stones gave them that extra special sparkle you want for your wedding shoes. I also treated myself to the matching clutch bag which is an actual work of art. And coupled with Dune’s amazing (and fairly frequent) 20% off deals, I think I got the shoes and bag for less than £120. And I was able to take them both on honeymoon with me and be reminded of my wonderful wedding day.

My dad and I also shared a very special moment the morning of the wedding when he helped me put my shoes on. I’ll always treasure that.

So, if like me, your skin crawls at the thought of a shiny white Mary Jane or a round toe court shoe, I’ve scoured my favourite high street shoe haunts to show you my five favourite wedding shoes that are a little against the grain and under £150, leaving you with plenty of budget to invest into those Louboutins.  


God I love these! They are just so unusual and adorable and modern and just so cute! The perfect subtle shade of nude and beautiful arch means they’ll make anyone feel like Cinderalla. And that metallic bow? I die! These would look so amazing and unexpected under your dress, giving you a little bit of edge to your bridal look that will get everyone talking.

Available from Kurt Geiger, £75 (and if you sign up online, you get 10% off your first order!)


A much more traditional bridal shape but with a rock star element. Covered in different shaped crystals (including the heel which makes them look super lux), these babies would look as amazing with rolled up skinnies and a white shirt as they would with your wedding dress. The detail and beautiful fabric means they look way more than their modest price tag.

They also do a mid-heel version if you’re not a fan of the higher heel.

Available from Debenhams, £130 (although, in Topshop, they were priced at £125 so make sure you shop around.)


Not for the feint hearted bride, these scream fashion and would look divine coupled with a super simple, sexy silk wedding dress or something short and more structured to add a touch of sex appeal. They’re so unexpected and unbridal, I think they’re totally fabulous. I’ll always remember my mum’s cousin Helen wearing booties on her wedding day and even as a seven year old, I thought she was the coolest thing ever!

Available from Office, £75 (Office is always doing discount codes, so keep your eyes peeled before purchasing!)


Now, I have these in the red snakeskin (hen do present from my girls!) and if you’re prepared to want to naw your foot off by the end of the first hymn, then they’re totally worth it. This pair are THE most stunning, metallic copper shade, with a crackle glaze over them for a bit of extra detail. Perfect for Autumn weddings, copper or rose gold is the perfect alternative to gold and silver; my bridesmaids looked so beautiful in the rose gold heeled shoes they chose for with their dresses.

Available from Topshop, £59


It’s your party, you can wear what you want to! And if you want to wear a pair of funky sneeks on your wedding day, just bloody go ahead and do it! I did! My friends all clubbed together and bought me a personalised pair of trainers from Adidas for me to dance the night away in. I choose all the colours and style, even down to the laces, and has Mrs Luxton embroided on the side. They’re one of my prize possessions. You can also get similar ones from Nike (but Mrs Luxton has too many letters to embroider on them!)

Mi Adidas from £80, Adidas.co.uk (Remember, if you have them customised, you can’t return them, so make sure you’re happy before clicking order!)

So what do you think of these alternatives? Love them? Hate them? Any others you’ve seen? What did you wear on your tootsies on your w-day? I’d love to hear form you in the comments section below. 






6 thoughts on “//La Lux Fashion// ALTERNATIVE WEDDING SHOES

  1. Love this Lauren! Totally feeling the hatred for wedding shoes! I’m usually a ‘flats’ gal and went for a pair of bright pink proper ballet shoes with ribbons – super comfy and danced the night away in them 🙂 definitely agree ladies should go with what they want and not what’s in the ‘wedding shoes’ section!


  2. I had silver sparkly slingbacks from faith then white Croc flip flops for the evening! Comfy is the answer, no point wearing something that’ll stop you from dancing all night!


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