Being skint is literally the most boring thing in the world.

This is the actual contents of my purse right now. Even the purse looks sad!
This is the actual contents of my purse right now. Even the purse looks sad!

Yet, no matter how hard I try, when payday comes and after I’ve sorted out the mortgage, car payments and fuelled the fire of my ever increasing addiction to make up, I never have any money left by day three of the month!

This causes me sleepless nights. Not because I worry about how we’ll put food on the table (we can just about cover that!), but because I simply want more stuff! I see stuff all the time and I really, really want it. But annoyingly, it’s pretty important that you exchange this stuff for cold hard cash. So I’ve been turning to ever increasingly ingenious and thrifty ways of making more of it on Ebay.

An Urban Outfitters jacket I'm currently selling.
An Urban Outfitters jacket I’m currently selling.

Many of you might be like, duh, how has she only just discovered Ebay? Well, my love of Ebay is long standing; I did make quite a bit of money back in uni selling photos of my feet (that’s for a completely different post though!). But after many years’ hiatus, I’ve recently fallen back in love with the auction site and am a bit addicted to watching as complete strangers grapple over something I’ve dug out of the back of my cupboard. Like they say, one man’s trash…

Selling things on Ebay also means I’ve been combining my love of buying stuff with another love of mine. Sorting out. Wardrobes, cupboards, draws, I’ve raided them all and not only is it satisfying to have a good old clear out, I’ve made a fair amount of extra money which means I can get that stuff I have my eye on. 

I’ve also made myself a promise; that I can’t have that new stuff (frivolous things that I don’t need but must have!), until I’ve sold the older version of that item. So for example, I sold two pairs of curling tongs I haven’t touched in years, giving me the money I needed to invest in the new pair I had my eye on. I bought a new dress for a night out next week, but only because I’d sold a pair of shoes I never wore. And that same night out is being paid for by the sale of a handbag and a pair of boots. So I can be knocking back a few extra cocktails, safe in the knowledge that I won’t have to run out of petrol to pay for them (I have in the past run out of petrol to the point where my car stopped and when Maz came to rescue me and asked me why I’d not gone to buy petrol, the answer was because I’d bought a top. That’s reality though, right ladies?)

I've no idea what I was thinking buying these in the first place!
I’ve no idea what I was thinking buying these in the first place!

I use the Ebay app on my phone which is honestly the simplest thing in the world to do; just download it, set up your account (and a PayPal to transfer the money safely and securely) and you’re good to go, just follow the instructions. You take photos of your item on your phone and upload them, you get up to 12 for free so you can show your item off properly. And I always take a few minutes to give people a proper description; what it is, the condition, why I’m selling (if it’s a strange item like unused make up) and how wonderful the item is and why you should bid!

At the moment (and this has been the case for a while but I’m not sure if it’ll change), if you sell the item via an auction, it’s free to list it, so you literally have nothing to lose by giving it a go. And if things don’t sell twice, I’ve taken them to the charity shop because they’re clearly a heap of junk that not even Ebay can shift for you.

The biggest faff is the postage and packing. But put it this way, a small parcel (a pair of shoes for example), costs £2.80 to send second class. Lob them in a bag for life (there ain’t no gift wrapping service in my Ebay shop!), plenty of cello tape, take it all to the Post Office in one go (providing everyone pays up when they should) and bobs your uncle! It really isn’t as big a deal as you might think.

A Zara trench coat I'm also selling
A Zara trench coat I’m also selling

I’ve currently got my eye on a rather lovely grey winter coat from Topshop that would look rather fabulous on a trip to Brussels we’re taking in December, but it will not be mine until I’ve sold my old one….most likely 😉

So have I inspired you to have a go on Ebay yourself for a few extra quid this Christmas? Or are you already a huge fan of selling and had some great successes? I’d love to find out! And if you want to check out any of the items I’m currently selling, you can do so here.










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