If you live on the Wirral, then you’ll have defo been The Brom (as its lovingly known).

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll pretty much visit The Brom (or The Croft Retail Park to give it it’s official title) at least five times a week. I’d love to say that it’s to always go to the gym, but its mostly just to drink coffee and go swatching all the lipsticks in Boots. But when you’ve swatched the same lipstick five times that week, you get just a little bit bored. 

So when I saw they were building a Superdrug, my little lipstick-loving heart could not contain its joy! I know this all sounds incredibly provincial, but we beauty addicts don’t have much to get excited over on the good old Wiz, so this was a major breakthough.

I was lucky enough to be invited down to the opening of the new store to brave the hellish car park and swatch my arse off on all the lovely new goodies. I was like a kid in a sweet shop!

The store is one half of what used to be Mothercare so its huge and the entire left hand wall is covered in make up stands. I die. What I love about Superdrug (and where it absolutely knocks Boots out of the park) is all the different brands it stocks. I think its really easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, buying the same old shit over and over again, but the range of brands in this new store means there’s always something new to try and a price point to suit every budget. 

My particular favourites that feature in the new Bromborough store are Sleek Cosmetics and Make Up Revolution, a brand I adore for the £1 lippies and eyeshadow singles, which I used in my bronzed eye look a few weeks ago. Superdrug are also smart enough to have jumped on the vlogger phenomenon, stocking products by Zoella and Tanya Burr, which are just the most perfect stocking fillers for young girls this Christmas. 

The Bromborugh store is also a god send in that it has a lash and brow bar and a nail bar at the back of the store, so you no longer have to trek miles to get a decent thread on your brows. End of a major first world problem, right there. 

As I was one of the first people over the threshold, elbowing old ladies out of the way and barging past small children to get in, the staff were all super lovely and smiley and helpful. I’m not sure they’ll have been the same when the Saturday rush arrived, but you never know. And there was a real buzz about the store, everyone was excited and it was just nice to see some happy faces for a wet Friday morning.

The one thing that I think lets Superdrug down is its Health and Beauty card system. Unlike Boots where you get at least four points to the pound, at Superdrug, you get one measly point for every pound you spend. Meaning, to save just a quid off your shopping, you’d have to buy £100 worth of stuff. Where’s the incentive in that? Fortunately for Superdrug, they counter act this quite frankly shit offering with a whole tonne of offers including three for two on pretty much everything and a load of half price deals. They also allow you to part pay with your Health and Beauty points (if you ever manage to collect enough to make it worth it!), which Boots don’t allow, for some bizarre, no doubt money-making reason.

In short, whilst the new Superdrug is way, way, way ahead of The Croft’s Boots in terms of brands and sheer volume of choice and I’ll be spending a small fortune trying out all the new goodies, until Superdrug pulls its finger out and improves its point system, for my every day bits and bobs, I’ll be heading to Boots. Well, someone’s gotta give them some business now the gorgeousness that is Superdrug has joined the Brom party. 

Superdrug in Bromborough is open weekdays until 8pm, Saturday’s until 6pm and Sunday’s until 4pm.

Thank you to Sophie from Z PR and all the lovely ladies and gents from the new store for having me down.

So, have you been to the new store? What did you think? And more importantly, what did you buy? Comment below and let me know. 





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