I really love London.  


I just feel such a buzz when I go and having just spent four days there this week, my love of London is definitely alive and kicking.  

I went down for work on Wednesday as I was lucky enough to be spending some time with the Media Team from MacMillan Cancer Research. What a brilliant place! Their offices overlooked the Thames and it was just such a buzz to be involved in such an exciting and dynamic charity, with loads of great people. I learnt loads, which I’m super excited to crack on with in the office tomorrow.  


Being in London makes me very thoughtful and reflective though. What could my career and life have been like if Maz and I had taken the plunge and come down to the Big Smoke? We’d be skint, that’s for sure. But it’s certainly a little regret for me that we never gave the ‘London thing’ a go.  

Maybe it’s not too late for us? Who knows? 

Another thing I love about London, is that some of my best friends in the world are there. I stayed with my uni bezzie Helen in the incredibly middle-class Barnes earlier in the week, which I just love and feel so at home there (being middleclass an all!) 

My brother is also in London, working in theatre and on Saturday morning, I went along to a rehearsal for a new show he’s doing. To sit in a room with a full orchestra to start the day and hear them create the most amazing music was truly special. London is the only place in the world this would happen – don’t think I’d find this on the Wirral. 


I then got to hang out the weekend with my gorgeous girls in Walthamstow. I’m so proud Rachel has worked so hard and bought herself a fabulous little house and it was lovely to just hang out. Aimee really spoilt us with a wine tasting evening and pamper night. She’s starting her own venture with her aloe vera products and she really treated us with such a lovely evening. 


To end a completely wonderful few days, Rach took us to God’s Own Junk Yard. I. Fucking. Loved. This. Place. It’s basically a warehouse full of neon lights and I was in insta-heaven. God, it was amazing and I totally loved hanging out amongst all the signs and flashing lights, drinking tea and laughing with my lovely friends. What a lucky girl I am. 


Whilst I really love London and wonder if things might have been different if I’d spent more time there, going makes me truly appreciate my wonderful life with Maz. We have our own home and my job might not be at MacMillan, but it’s pretty damn rewarding. And whenever I feel the pull of the big city (and the mega shopping!), I can just get on the train for a night in Walthamstow. Bosh!  

Whats your favourite thing to do in London? Have you done the ‘London thing’, what’d ya reckon? Overrated it as brilliant as you would imagine? I’d love for you to comment below and tell me. 


Thank you to Rach, Helen and the girls and boys at MacMillan for having me this week.  


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