This time last year, Maz and I were in Las Vegas.

We were spending money left right and centre, living it up in the Bellagio and just generally loving life. It was the start of the most amazing seven weeks of our lives and what I wouldn’t give to be back there. As it is, I’m writing this from Brussels after a gorgeous weekend at the Christmas markets so it’s not all bad.

Traveling was always a huge ambition for us both but unfortunately life always got in the way. Buying our house or our careers were always more important (obviously!) and we’d both been lucky enough to spend a bit of time abroad after Uni. We always promised we’d have an amazing honeymoon and scratch the travelling itch then. And we defo kept our promise!

Work gave us both seven weeks off, something we’re both so grateful for, and off we went around the world. We had two weeks in the States, from Vegas, through Yosemite to San Francisco and then down the beautiful Pacific cost to LA. SF has become one of our most favourite cities in the world, it just had such an amazing vibe. We can’t wait to go back.

Next, we headed to Sydney where we spent Christmas and New Year. We spent it with some really special friends, eating Christmas dinner in the sun over looking the Harbour Bridge. Watching those fireworks from a boat on the harbour on New Years Eve was just a moment we’ll never forget.

Between us, Maz and I have been to Autralia three times now. How lucky are we? Some people never go in a lifetime so we feel incredibly privileged to have spent time there.

Next, we spent two weeks in a camper van around the South Island of New Zealand. This place totally stole my heart. From glow worms to glaciers, mountains to lakes, every inch of it is spectacular.

I remember waking up in the morning in our little camper van and literally pinching myself that I was still there, I hadn’t gone back to work yet, it wasn’t all a dream.

Our final week was spent in Thailand. Initially, it was just a stop off to get a bit of sun to brighten up a dark January with a tan.

But we both loved it! Bangkok is such a brilliant city, I just loved the drama and action of it all, arguing with tuk tuk drivers and negotiating with street vendors. It was just dead cool! And Phuket was so incredible; we really made the most of our four nights here, sea kayaking (I told Maz I wanted to do what the Kardashians had done when they were in Thailand and he delivered!) and going on a cookery course, not to mention a super hairy ride to Patong on the back of a moped! Good times!

When people ask us where we went on honeymoon, it’s pretty cool to be able to say, we travelled the world. Whilst it sounds a bit braggy, we both realise how amazingly lucky we are to have started out married life with such an adventure. Looking back on it, one year after we left to start our life changing trip, there’s not one thing we’d do differently. We had a fantastic opportunity and we really went for it. If you ever get the opportunity, I’d recommend you do the same thing.


Id love to hear if you’ve been to any of the places we went on our travels. What did you think? Are you going on an adventure for your honeymoon? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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