A statement lip, for me, is the easiest way to give your make up a bit of a wow factor.

When most of us dont have the luxury of a live-in make up artist (goals!), vamping up your lipstick is one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest ways to change up your look and give it some serious punch, without a scary contour palette or faffy false eyelash in sight.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite lip looks to see if I can inspire you to be a bit bolder and try something new.


All Fired Up by MAC All Fired Up by MAC

For this look, I lined my lips with Natural Collection Lip Pencil in Ruby Rose, followed by a good slick of All Fired Up by MAC, straight from the tube (lip brushes are a total ball ache!) . Matte formulas are my favourite; I hate getting my hair caught in gloopy lip gloss and I love the impact of  a matte lipstick, no half arsed sheer formulas, thank you very much. This is the most stunning hot pink colour, but for me, the matte finish keeps it more Gwen Stefani and less Dolly Parton. I keep my eyes simple when I wear this lip, just a pair of lashes if I want some impact. But with a statement colour like this, you want your lips to do the talking.


Lady Danger by MAC Lady Danger by MAC

Red is a classic look and can look good on absolutely anyone, you just need to find the right shade. This colour, Lady Danger from MAC, has an orange undertone and it great for me as I’ve got a yellowish skin tone. But you can get cooler toned reds that would suit pinker skin tones. When you’re spending £15 on a lipstick (which is how much you’re expected to part with in MAC), make sure you spend plenty of time with the assistant to get your perfect shade. And don’t be suckered in to buy the expensive matching lip liner. Whilst lip liner is really important on a red lip to give it staying power and stop it ending up on your chin, you’ll find a perfecting suitable one in Boots or Superdrug for a fraction of the price (I use one from MUA Cosmetics with this look.)


1993 by Urban Decay 1993 by Urban Decay

If you were to some up the 90’s in one colour, this would be it. Everything was a shade of brown and this gorgeous lippie from Urban Decay is like a decade in a tube. And its actually called 1993! As it’s not on the crazy colour spectrum, it’s a really easy, wearable way to wear a statement lip. This shade has quite a cool, almost grey undertone, so I like to keep the rest of my make up warm. You don’t wana look as dull as Kylie Jenner’s personality. For a matte formula, this goes on like butter and doesn’t feel dry or drag like some other mattes. Thanks to the lovely Rachel from Urban Decay at Debenhams in Chester for introducing me to this lipstick and changing my life.


A statement lip doesn’t have to be completely out there. I’ve been wearing this lip look most days the past few weeks – Illamasqua Lipliner in Woo, which is far and away the best nude liner ever (and goes against my expensive lip liner rule but it’s worth it!) and a lipstick from Clinique that I got free on the front of Glamour magazine, called Nude Pop. To add a bit more oopmh, I dab a little bit of LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Blushing in the centre. This gloss is a bit of a cult product in America and is cheap as chips. Get it from Beauty Crowd or pop into Peaches and Cream if you’re local to Liverpool.


Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much with NYX Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart.   Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much with NYX Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart.

I’m not one to go halves with my make up, so I often wear this lip look with a full on eye, because why the hell not! If you follow me on Instagram (go on, follow me!), you’ll know I’m obsessed with this Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much. It’s the most gorgeous shade and goes on like a dream. Plus, the chubby pencil is just really convenient to lob in your bag! For something that’s truely low-maintence statement, this is perfect with minimal make up. But for a mega-watt look, go full on with a smokey eye or tonnes of smudgey black eyeliner. I’ve added a slick of NYX Buttergloss in Raspberry Tart for this look which just gives it a bit more dimension. Clear gloss would be lovely too.

One question you may have about all these statement lips is how do I get this bastard stuff off? You can end up wearing some of these colours for days if you’re not careful. I blot mine off completely with a tissue and then use a cotton bud soaked in micellar water to get the rest off (this one from Boots is my favourite). No one wants to look like they’ve been eating beetroot three days after you’ve worn a lippie!

So there you go! I really hope it might inspire you to be a bit more daring with your lip colours. The only limit is your imagination, go for it!

Let me know what you think of my choices in the comments below. I’d love to know which look is your favourite.




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