Last year, Maz and I spent Christmas Day in Sydney on our honeymoon and it was probably one of the best Christmases ever. 

Christmas 2014 spent in Sydney, Australia. It was also our first as Mr and Mrs Luxton
Christmas 2014 spent in Sydney, Australia. It was also our first as Mr and Mrs Luxton

The only presents I opened were a nodding Chinese cat and a neck pillow and that was enough for me. It just proved that Christmas is absolutely not about the presents but the company you keep and the memories you make. Having said all that, the presents certainly do help and I did super well in 2015.

I thought you might like to be a bit nosey and find out what I got. I hope Father Christmas was as generous to you as he was to me, but regardless of that, I hope you had a lovely, relaxing Christmas with those you love; I know I did. 

Links of London earrings
Links of London earrings

My gorgeous sister-in-law Holly has excellent taste in presents and she and my brother-in-law are always so generous. This year, Holly and Neil chose for me the most stunning pair of sterling silver earrings from Links of London. They’re a little fat heart stud with a some texture on one side of them. I don’t often wear earrings but I don’t really have any quality pairs and these are so lovely, I think I’ll be wearing them a lot. 

I don’t often buy pajamas, full stop. I sleep in manky tshirts from Uni or work (one of the benefits of working for a charity is you’re never short of tshirts to sleep in!) but my parents treated me to this lush pair from Next for Christmas. They’re just so soft and slouchy, I totally adore them. I love the colour grey (never thought I’d say that!) and these are a lovely shade of slate grey with lighter grey and yellow flowers. I reckon the work tshirts might get demoted to the decorating pile from now on. 

Make Up Geek eyeshadows in Creme Brulee (left) and Morocco and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palatte
Make Up Geek eyeshadows in Creme Brulee (left) and Morocco and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palatte

This would not be a Christmas in my world without make up making an appearance and ooooh, did it make an appearance this year. My mother-in-law has converted me to the concept of Christmas lists (my mum hasn’t ever been that organised!) and do you know what, they proper work. I popped a few things on my list I’d been lusting after for months and I was so delighted to open them on Christmas Day. They included this gorgeous Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. Zoeva is such an affordable, but luxury brand that’s been building a stellar reputation online for a few years now. This palette contains the most gorgeous shimmers, neutrals and a couple of amazing warm colours; like that cranberry colour on the top row. Hello! This is my first Zoeva palette (I was also lucky enough to get a couple of Zoeva brushes, which are divine) and I can’t wait to get it on my face. 

I also shared my list with my younger brother after he was a bit stuck for what to buy me and he chose bloody well, getting me two Make Up Geek eyeshadows in Morocco and Creme Brulee. Make Up Geek is an American brand that has only been available in the UK for a couple of weeks on Beauty Bay. Every YouTuber and blogger on the planet raves about them so I was so excited to start building what will no doubt be a massive collection of these shadows. I used these shadows on Boxing Day and boom, it was love at first blend. If you got some cash for Christmas, I highly recommend investing it in one or two of these, you won’t be disappointed. 

Remington Sapphie Pro Curl Hair Tong. I'd used this for my hair in this photo
Remington Sapphie Pro Curl Hair Tong. I’d used this for my hair in this photo

My mother-in-law really came up trumps this year and also got me a Remington Sapphire Pro Curl Hair Tong. I’d been after a big fat wand-like curling tong for a while; I had one with a clamp that just wasn’t hot enough and did bugger all for my hair. And the conical wand I had made me look a bit too Shirley Temple for my liking. This is fabulous and gives me the big, slouchy waves I was looking for. If your hair holds a curl pretty well like mine (it’s taken me 18 years to figure out a way to work with my naturally massive hair and curling it is my best friend), then I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. 

Maz took me to Belgium for my Christmas present. We went to the gorgeous Brugge for the day. 
Maz took me to Belgium for my Christmas present. We went to the gorgeous Brugge for the day. 

But probably the best present I got this year was time with my wonderful husband. He treated me to a trip to Brussels earlier in the month and I was just totally buzzing the entire weekend, just spending time with him, eating, drinking and strolling around (and getting totally off our tits on Belgian beer, but that’s a story for a different blog!). I just don’t think you can beat some quality time with your loved ones at Christmas, over any present. If you’re ever stuck for what to get someone for Christmas, get yourself on Skyscanner and book a cheap flight to anywhere. It really doesn’t matter where you go (although I’d truly recommend Brussels, it’s fabulous), just get the beers in and relax. 

I hope this blog isn’t a braggy one; quality is certainly my preference over quantity when it comes to presents and as soppy as it sounds, I’d happily not open a thing on Christmas Day and be back under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my stupid Christmas hat on. But I hope it’s appealed to our naturally nosey natures (ain’t nothing wrong with that!) and maybe given you some inspiration if you’re looking to spend a bit of money in the sales. 

I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if you’re back in work tomorrow, I hope it’s not too painful. As always, please do comment below to let me know what you think of the blog and maybe tell me what Father Christmas brought you. 



One thought on “//La Lux Life// WHAT I GOT FOR CHISTMAS

  1. Sounds fabulous! I was super spoilt too, arnt we lucky! I got 2 beautiful chamilia charms, Olaf and the Cinderella castle. A ghd hairdryer and a beautiful diamond necklace! Lucky girl xx


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