//La Lux Life// MY PLANS FOR 2016

I know it’s a complete cliche, but I can not believe how fast the 2015 went.

It seems like only yesterday Maz and I were moving into our house (which will five years in 2016!), preparing for the wedding and jetting off on our honeymoon. And as I’ve told you about in previous blogs, I’ve often struggled with the fact all this is now over. But I’m super lucky that 2016 brings with it lots of exciting things for me to look forward to.

If like me, you’re feeling a bit bleugh about the New Year and going back to work tomorrow, hopefully this post will inspire you to look forward and get excited about all the things that are around the corner. 


Maz and I celebrating our friends' wedding in 2013, when he was Best Man.
Maz and I celebrating our friends’ wedding in 2013, when he was Best Man.

I have no fewer than eight weddings to attend next year. Three of those are in one week. EEEK! This promotes feelings of both sheer excitement and also mild dread. Excitement at seeing some of our most wonderful friends and family tie the knot and getting the chance to celebrate with them and return the favour for the awesome time they helped us to have at our own wedding. But also a few nerves about the practical elements; we know as well as any bride and groom how expensive weddings are to put on, but we’re learning how expensive they can be to attend too, and that’s before I’ve bought a brand new outfit for each one, obv (Facebook makes it impossible to wear the same outfit twice. I don’t care if Kate Middleton manages it, I can not!), as well as the fact that between us, Maz and I are taking nearly ten days off work to attend weddings across the country. All massive FWPs (first world problems!) I know and I promise I’m not moaning as I know all of the concern will totally melt away when we get to the wedding venue, ready to celebrate with our closest friends. And it gives me lots of blogging material with my outfit choices 🙂

2. I TURN 30!

Celebrating my 29th with my family.
Celebrating my 29th with my family.

Turning 30 is actually something I’m really looking forward to. 29 is just such a nothing age and I’m a sucker for round numbers, so turning 30 will help calm my OCD! It also turns out my birthday is Easter Monday; I only tell you this because for about six years I was on such a downer my 30th birthday was a Monday; what a thoroughly shit day to have a birthday on. But a few months ago I worked out it was a Bank Holiday! Yipppeeee! I’m not sure turning 30 will change much; I don’t think I’ll magically mature over night, achieve my career aspirations over the space of my birthday week or suddenly be able to afford the car/handbag/holiday of my dreams, but it marks a real chapter in your life. My friends are all turning 30 this year too and I really feel like we’ve grown up together and we’re getting to witness these amazing milestones in each other lives and that makes it really exciting. Being in your 20’s is so ten years ago.


My parents and I at my 21st birthday party. God I was so skinny! I had a collar bone!
My parents and I at my 21st birthday party. God I was so skinny! I had a collar bone!

I don’t do celebrations by halves. I’ve had a party for literally every life event; 18th, 21st, engagement, hell, I’d throw a party to celebrate getting a tax rebate if I could (not that I ever seem to get one of them!)! I just so love having all my favourite people around me; it’s what life is made for. And my 30th birthday will be no different. I’m planning a black tie party with champagne and canapes. I’ve got big plans for decorating the venue and I’ve already ordered and sent back three potential dresses for the evening. I can’t wait! My girls and I are also heading, Some Like It Hot-style to Paris on the Eurostar to collectively celebrate the big 3-0. We’re going to kick off with champagne in King’s Cross St Pancras station, then jump on the train, all fabulous and 30, for a two night break in the City of Lights, drinking wine and laughing and just having a wonderful time in our Parisian apartment complete with hot tub! I am counting the days.


An average working day...
An average working day…

This doesn’t sound overly exciting but what I love about my job is you just never know what is around the corner. I’ve been at my job in Comms at a local children’s charity for just over four years now and every year, something truly exciting has popped up that I’ve really been able to get my teeth into. Projects have included live TV broadcasts, collaborations with world-renowned photographers and art exhibitions. The joy of these projects has been at the start of the year, I had no idea what was around the corner. This year, I know what’s coming as our huge project was announced a few months ago and it’s going to be epic for the charity and the people that benefit from it’s work. I’m so excited to get started and go on another crazy roller coaster journey!


With my beautiful cousin's twin girls back in 2013. Be still my beating ovaries...!
With my beautiful cousin’s twin girls back in 2013. Be still my beating ovaries…!

Now, my blog is usually a bit more light hearted than this, but I thought now was probably a good time to bring up the b word. Babies. Every newly married couple will have had this question asked to them a thousand times, “when are you having a baby?”, “when will you start a family?”. Jesus, give us a chance will ya! I always feel a bit awkward with this question, not just because it’s very personal and “not yet” apparently isn’t an acceptable answer, but also because of my job, I know too much about having babies and how it’s not always plaine sailing. I’ve never been pregnant, I have no idea how easy it will be to get pregnant. For all people know, we could have been desperately trying for years to no avail (we haven’t!) and this question touches a massive nerve (it doesn’t!). I think we 30-somethings really take it for granted that babies will just happen exactly when we want them to and I’m very aware that that might not be the case. And with lots of my lovely friends bringing beautiful children in to the world, seemingly on their first try, I can’t help but feel like I might not be so lucky. I mean, someone’s got to be unlucky right, what’s to say it won’t be me? I’m trying not to take it for granted. So if babies happen this year, that will be wonderful. But I’m going to try not to stress or worry or let any one and their expectations put pressure on it. I hope if you’re in the same boat as me, being newly married, you’ll be able to do what’s right for you. And no babies this year means I don’t have to curb my addiction to make up any time soon.


Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. One of my favourite days from our honeymoon.
Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. One of my favourite days from our honeymoon.

Babies are hot on the agenda in our house right now (mostly from my perspective, Maz is typically laid back about the whole thing!) because I’m always super keen to plan ahead. What are we doing this year? When will that happen? Why do we have to do it then? I want to know everything and I want to know it now. So if babies don’t happen this year, Maz and I are going to aim for our next, and probably our last, big holiday. Travelling so much for our honeymoon gave us both a massive itch to scratch and we both really want to see just a little bit more of the world before our world becomes something completely different. Whilst I love to think we’ll be one of those couples who will strap their babies to their chest and trek through the Amazon, I just can’t see it happening. A baby will turn our world upside down in the most wonderful way, but before that happens, we want to make sure we look back with no regrets when we have a tiny human being projectile shitting on us at 3am!

So, what do you have going on in 2016? Are you getting married? Turning 30? Having a baby? I’d love to hear all about your plans for the next 12 months. I hope 2016 is a good one for you. 

PS: This is my first blog of 2016 and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported by blog since I started in September and also to new readers, perhaps logging on for the first time. I’ve heard so many lovely stories of how people enjoy my writing, of them sharing my posts with friends and colleagues and being inspired by the things I’ve said or products I’ve recommended. It really means so much, thank you. 


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