So, I was coming home from the gym the other day when I popped into the shop for some post-workout treats. And I’m greeted with this…

No thanks girls!
No thanks girls!

What the actual fuck? Literally, front page upon front page of trashy magazines (I love me a trashy magazine, don’t get me wrong!) with some bird from TOWIE telling me how I could lose four stone and look just like her, along with another girl who pisses herself when she’s drunk telling me how I can get a bum like her and another, who I’m pretty sure was arrested for punching someone, encouraging me to buy her DVD. No. Thank. You.

Stuff like this really grinds my gears. Let’s not forget, these woman (and I find some of them massively entertaining and funny!) are famous for pretty much nothing. In fact, Lauren Goodger has made a career out of being dumped and dealing with it with about as much grace and dignity as a wrecking ball demolishing a dirty old block of flats. Not something I think any young woman should aspire to, no matter how skinny they are. 

Being famous for nothing is fine, it’s the world we live in, and I’ve no problem with that but what I do have a problem with is these people telling me how to live my life to be just like them!

Me and Lauren Goodger have a name in common. That's it.
Me and Lauren Goodger have a name in common. That’s it.

When people can get famous for having sex on a reality TV show, it’s inevitable that they’re going to attempt to gain some ground and try to keep themselves in Juicy Couture tracksuits by doing some sort of fitness DVD once the media has lost interest. And it’s really easy to look at these girls, all body-con dresses and fake Louboutins, standing next to a cardboard cut out of themselves lolloping across the beach, four stone heavier in a neon bikini, apparently with no idea the paparazzi was there, and think, wow, how amazing, didn’t she do well, I want to look like her, I could do that.

We buy the DVD and read all the trashy magazines (I know I am the proud owner of Charlotte Crosby’s DVD so I say this from experience.) But the reality is, that will never be us. This is because (I hope!) the majority of us know how to dress our curves for the beach, but mostly because we have jobs and earn our money with integrity and hard work and working out and staying healthy is because we want to, not because we’re being paid to.

It is these girls’ jobs to loose weight. It is not a happy accident. They are lulled in by some massive corporate deal, pictured at their very worst, and then paraded for the press, breathing in so hard that their ribs pop out. I kind of feel sorry for them in that respect.

What I’m trying to say, lovely reader, is us ‘normals’ should never feel the pressure to loose weight or tone up because a reality TV star needs a quick buck now their series has ended. I go to the gym for a couple of reasons, mainly because I love food and it allows me to eat and still fit into my clothes, but also because I get to see my friends and occasionally (very occasionally!), it’s good fun. I certainly don’t go because I want to look like Charlotte Crosby!

I don't spend all the time in the gym sitting taking selfies...honestly.
I don’t spend all the time in the gym sitting taking selfies…honestly.

At this time of year, we’re bombarded with images of how we should be looking and made to feel guilty for eating too many mince pies and drinking too much prosecco over Christmas. If you feel you’d like to loose a few pounds or feel a bit more confident in your clothes, do it in a way that’s right for you, whether that’s joining a gym, eating a bit better or buying a celebrity-endorsed DVD and doing it in your living room in your underwear (ahem!). Do it because you want to, not to look like a reject from Geordie Shore.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you feel the pressure because of the media or do you pretty much not give a shit? I’d love to know in the comments section. Remember, this is just my opinion so I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

PS: Please excuse the awful quality of the images in this post – no one wants to be the girl in the gym taking selfies so I had to be stealth!


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