I’ve said it before on La Lux and I’ll say it again…I love a good road trip!

Northbank Road. The place where dreams are made... Northbank Road. The place where dreams are made…

We have such a great country that we live in here in the UK and there’s literally no where that you can’t reach in a day (or even after work on a Friday at a real push!) so we’ve no excuse for not getting out and about more.

Our road trip this weekend has a very special reason. Our friend’s son, aka our most favourite little boy in all the world, was turning one. A big milestone for him, but also for his wonderful parents who probably feel like they’ve been a Mum and Dad for the past 100 years, not 365 days (and nights. Long, long nights!).

And to top off the giggles of this weekend, we were taking the trip in a bright yellow, no-holds barred, brash-as-you-like Renault Twingo, thanks to the guys at Renault Wirral in Prenton who lent it to us.

The beast that was the Renault Twingo. We had so much fun driving this thing! The beast that was the Renault Twingo. We had so much fun driving this thing!

Hannah and I packed up the Twingo on Friday night with a disgustingly dirty car picnic and a Spotify full of 90’s pop and headed down to London to Rachel’s house. It took for-everrrr! And aside from not knowing how to work the windscreen wipers and the blaster being too hot on us at times, the Twingo was super fun to drive. Plus, it was cheeeeap to run, like seriously. We had well more prosecco money thanks to this thing having spent about £30 filling the tank!

When we got to Rach’s in London, we instantly took all our make up off and put our eating pants on and saw off two pizzas and a bottle of wine in the first ten minutes of being there. It was also great to meet Katie, Rachel’s lovely housemate, who got stuck in with our stories, laughing our heads off till we couldn’t breath. Good times.

The next day, we jumped in the Twingo and headed the hour to Colchester. It’s such a lovely part of the world; I thought Essex was all Sugarhuts and fashion ’boutiques’ but it’s actually super pretty, with rolling hills and lots of green. We arrived at the party and we certainly hadn’t got the memo it was BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby). We were the crazy, child-less Aunties who instantly gravitated towards the wine. But there was some super cute (and very good) children crawling around and it was just lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

It was really special to be there to celebrate G’s milestone birthday. It was actually a bit emotional. G is a complete light in all our lives; he brings so much joy to everyone he’s around, we literally can not get enough of him whenever his beautiful mummy brings him over. I don’t think we can really imagine a time when he wasn’t here and the fact we hopefully get to watch him grow into a handsome, wonderful young man over his lifetime is a real privilege.

The main man having a bit of help with his birthday candles. Happy birthday G! The main man having a bit of help with his birthday candles. Happy birthday G!

The party was gorgeous, with tears, laughter, Dobble and lots of champagne (for the grown ups!). Afterwards, us crazy Aunties left G to his bedtime routine and headed into Colchester for some dinner at The Church Street Tavern. Over fillet steak and New Zealand sauvignon, it was such a treat to just have a lovely, cosy night out, talking holidays, men and love. Honestly, these girls give me life, I swear to god.

Good times. Good times.

All the champagne and steak from the day meant we slept like the dead for nearly ten hours (you’ve gotta love a good pair of black out blinds!) in our little hotel before heading back up North, via London, with an accidental de-tour to Leicester when we missed the M6 turn off. Shit!

I hope you had as equally wonderful a weekend as we did. It was a cracking way to kick off 2016; and there’ll be plenty more where that came from. And to G, on the celebration of your first birthday, and to his parents, both very special people in my life, I couldn’t be more proud of you all. You bring all of us so much happiness, and we hope you consider your crazy Aunties just a little part of your life, as you are such a huge part of ours. We promise to never ask you too many probing questions about future girlfriends and may one day grow out of blowing raspberries on your cheek, but not yet. We love you all the way down the M6 and back, for infinity.

Happy Sunday guys, sending love and happy thoughts for the week ahead and hoping this blog helps you focus on the good in your life. I’d love to know what you got up to this weekend and any road trips you’ve been on recently, in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “//La Lux Life// LONDON AND ESSEX ROAD TRIP

    1. I’m so glad you like the post Kelly and thank you so much for checking out La Lux. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends; thank you for your kind comment. Big up the Essex massive! xxx


  1. As if I hadn’t cried enough this weekend, Loz… You’ve got me at it again! Thanks for such a lovely post. He’s a blummin lucky little man to have such wonderful women in his life. Love you all to the M53 and back xxx


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