I said to Maz not too long ago, “Oooh, look! The trailer for our wedding film has had over 700 views online!”

The beautiful packaging our video came in - complete with popcorn!
The beautiful packaging our video came in – complete with popcorn!

His answer to that was, “And at least 650 of them will have been you!”. And he’s probably not wrong. I must have watched our wedding film hundreds of times since we received it well over a year ago and I swear to god it never fails to make me happy. And Maz might joke, but as soon as I start to play it on my iPad and the first few bars of the music kick in, he always comes racing in to watch it with me.

We were so lucky to discover the super talented Dan Byrne and his company Papertwin Weddings. I was totally obsessed with a blog called Rock My Wedding (bride to be or not, check out this blog! It’s beautiful!) which featured the most amazing, joyous wedding of a couple in Liverpool. Rock My Wedding featured a few minutes of their film and I was hooked, I knew I had to have them. And Maz and I were so lucky to be one of the first few weddings they filmed.

If you’re a bride to be and you’re umming and ahhing over whether to invest in a wedding film, I thought I’d put together a few of my thoughts on why it will be the best decision you ever make.


I loved sharing our wedding with our friends and family on Facebook. I'm a show off, what can I say!
I loved sharing our wedding with our friends and family on Facebook. I’m a show off, what can I say!

I work in comms for a living, and I know (as most people do, comms or not!), that video is just the best way to get a message across. Our wedding video captured the real story of our day, for us to share with the world. I popped parts of our video on Facebook and Twitter and the response we got was so wonderful; it was a joy to be able to share our day (and show off how utterly amazing it was, to be fair!). There’s nothing like the sights and sounds of a video to really bring something to life.


I hate the sound of my own voice with a fierce passion (which is ironic as I talk so much!) and there’s something about the sound of my pre-recorded voice that makes my insides twist with embarrassment. Not at my wedding video. Hearing the way my voice buckles when I said my vows, listening to Maz talk about his much-missed Dad in his wedding speech and hearing my brother say ‘Scuched!’ (I’m not sure how to spell this phonetically, you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean!), all bring back a flood of memories. Memories that photos alone don’t quite capture.

And seeing what the lads got up to getting ready at our house! Our best man wearing my grey floral dressing gown, ironing his shirt in the lounge. Classic.

We also were able to hear all the little things Maz and I said to each other at the alter, the little quirks we say to each other all the time. The way he said “Hiiiii” as I arrived next to him, something I’d forgotten he’d done, just makes my heart melt.


Our videographer Leighton. That hair :)
Our videographer Leighton. That hair 🙂

If you’re dithering about a wedding video, I would imagine cost comes into it. Don’t get me wrong, having your wedding filmed professionally and to the standard ours was, wasn’t cheap. But with your wedding, would you want it to be cheap? It really gets on my nerves when people say that stupid expression “People see the word wedding and add a load of noughts on the end!”. Your wedding isn’t just any old party, it’s your wedding. People demand perfection on their wedding day, and for perfection, you need to pay for it. Don’t ask your uncle to film the wedding on his hand held camcorder and then cry your eyes out because it’s not as good as a professional. Basically, you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get!

Aside from the several meetings Maz and I had with his team prior to the day, our wedding film took two lads (big up Mike and Leighton, who’s envy-inducing curly hair was the talk of the day!) all day, from me getting ready to beyond our first dance. They had their travel, their equipment and their time. The film was then edited into a teaser trailer, a highlights trailer and the full video, including speeches and the entire service. It was beautifully packaged and boxed. That does not come cheap, and neither should it. Our video was amazing value for money, considering all the care and effort that went into it. So if you’re planning a wedding and looking for a bargain, please bear that in mind; sometimes it’s not about cost, it’s about value for money.


The guys make their couples feel really special.
The guys make their couples feel really special.

Now that might be an overstatement, but that’s certainly how it felt (and I’m a massive show off so being famous is always an ulterior motive with me!). Dan and his team made Maz and I feel like superstars, sharing our wedding on their own social media channels (make sure you check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo). And it’s not just our video. The guys make a big deal of everyone’s wedding, they truly are so chuffed to be involved in people’s day and that shines through in the way they interact with their clients.


For me, setting aside some budget to allow us to remember our day over and over, was really important. Once everything else has faded away, and life goes back to normal, your wedding video will always be there. How lucky are we in this day and age to be able to capture our wedding day is such glorious technicolour? Imagine if our grandparents or great grandparents had been able to do that, the joy it would have brought the entire family? What I wouldn’t have given to hear my grandparents say their vows to each other, to then see, in real life and in old age, how that love they dedicated on their wedding day was still burning brightly until the day they died? My Nana and Grandad’s wedding photo hangs proudly in my hall, but hearing their voices and watching them get married, now that would have been something!

Photos are totally wonderful. Our wedding photos sit pride of place in our lounge and I look at them every single day. They make me deliriously happy and I’m so proud of them. Our photographer was the ever sprightly and super-talented Christopher Ian. Our wedding video brings those photos to life even more and we’ll treasure it till we can no longer figure out how to use a DVD player (or whatever fandangled technology is around 50 years from now!) and our grandchildren have to show it to us on their iPhone 17S!

So, would you like to see it? This is our teaser trailer but gives you a taste! Grab yourself a cuppa or a bit of pudding after your Sunday dinner and have a nosey (extra brownie points for recognising the inspiration for Maz’s speech!)



Did you have your wedding filmed? What would you recommend to other brides? If you chose not to have a wedding video, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject too in the comments below.

It’s worth me saying, neither Papertwin nor our photographer Chris have in any way asked me to write this blog, this is all me and what I think. Also, most of the photos are thanks to Papertwin and Christopher Ian.







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    1. Hi Emma. Thanks so much for checking out La Lux. Congratulations on your big day; having Papertwin there is a great decision! I’m so excited for you! I’ll make sure to keep my eyes peeled for your video. Do pop by the blog again as I’m always banging on about wedding bits that you might find interesting!x


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