What is the greatest invention known to man (or woman)?


It’s not the wheel or the mobile phone. It’s not sliced bread. It is the curly blow. The art of getting perfectly blow dried, big bouncy hair that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

I love me a curly blow. The very best ones are in the deepest, darkest corners of Liverpool, where the hairdressers are as Scouse as they come and blow dry your hair with no less than 20 different brushes, leaving each one on your head until you can barely keep your head up.

I saw this contraption a few months ago and thought it was the stuff of miracles; an at-home curly blow kit that means you don’t have to have a dozen brushes sticking all which ways out of your head. Thanks to a birthday voucher, I finally invested so I thought I’d let you know how I got on.


I bought my Pro Blow Curl Me from the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool. For £35, I think it’s really good value. In the lovely, sleek black box, you get six barrels (two small, two medium, two large), the detachable handle, six clips, a travel bag and your instructions. (If you do plan on getting one online, check it out on Beauty Bay as you get free delivery!)

It’s a great present for someone; the box looks gorgeous and expensive and I’m sure any hair-fanatic would be delighted to unwrap it.

For the curly blow effect, you simply attached your handle to the barrel size of your choice, blow dry small sections of your hair around the barrel and then wind the barrel down to your roots. Then, using the clip, clip the barrel to your head the way you would any other roller and use the button to detach the handle. Simple, eh?

Well, in theory yes. And if you have shoulder length or thin hair, definitely. I figured out pretty quickly that I was never going to get salon perfect results on my hair with just six barrels; I need at least another four barrels to get that look. Trying to cram all my hair (which is just-past-shoulder length, probably on the thick side, and quite naturally curly) into the six barrels was a challenge. I did it, but I know the results wouldn’t be what I wanted. It was really fiddly to do large sections of hair with it and I really squashed the brittles on the brushes. Whist this is partly my fault, I really think you should get more barrels. The company do sell extra barrels separately, but only in packs of six. Well I don’t need an extra six! It would be so much easier to buy them individually or charge people an extra £10 for the kit in the first place and give them more barrels!

However, when I did use smaller sections of my hair on the barrels, it was super easy. You just leave the barrels in your hair for 20 minutes to cool, then take them out, winding your hair as you go.

Having got all my hair into the six barrels I had, when I took them all out, it wasn’t bad at all. Not a curly blow, but certainly not bad.


If your hair is very short, this is pointless and there are better products on the market for you. It doesn’t advise using on hair longer than 22 inches, but quite frankly, if your hair is that long, it’s unhygienic anyway!

So, will this kit replace my beloved curly blows? Probably not. It didn’t give me so much of a curly blow as a big bouncy one. Now that’s ok but the product is called Curl Me. The clue is in the name. I think there’s a knack to it and you need to put in the practise; I found wrapping the section of hair over the brush and then pulling down was the best method, sort of like when you curl pieces of ribbon over a pair of scissors! But if you’re simply looking for body and volume, this is boss and well worth the money. But make sure you use plenty of spray, keep the rollers in for as long as possible and give it a good backcomb to give it longevity; without all this, mine flopped within minutes.



This was after a bit of practise. Whilst I’ve only got six barrels, I’m doing the underneath, letting it cool and taking out the barrels, then doing the top half of my hair.

I’m going to keep practising and maybe one day, I’ll get to the point of never having to head into Toxteth of a blow dry ever again!

Have you got the Curl Me? What do you think? Any tips for the perfect curly blow using it? Or have you struggled like me? Or have you got any questions I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments below.



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