False, stick-on eyelashes are not my friend.

I mean, I love the way they look once they’re on and rarely go on a night out without them (not that I go out all that much these days!) but they are so god damn fiddly. Most of the time I have to take deep breaths, have a stretch and get a glass of wine to calm my nerves before I apply them. I’ve no idea how people wear them every day – life is far too short to be spending any more time than is necessary sticking, re sticking and fiddling with fake lashes!

So, when I got the opportunity to be treated by the lovely Jen from Infinite Lashes, I flipping jumped at the chance! Lasting up to three weeks, these individual lashes are meticulously glued one by one on to the base of your natural lashes for a virtually undetectable finish that gives you longer, curlier, fuller lashes all the time. Sold!

I had to have a patch test prior to the treatment. Pretty standard and painless, I filled in some paper work and Jen applied a test lash on the corner of each eye to check I didn’t react to the glue. I was fascinated to see you could choose the length, thickness and even the level of curl on each of the lashes. As I wanted a more natural look, Jen suggested I went for the B curl (they range from J being the straightest, then B, C and D being like ridiculously curled!) and a variety of lengths across the eye with the longest being concentrated to the outer corner.

A few days later, I headed to Jen’s lovely studio on the leafy outskirts of Chester and we got to work. As you can see, I was super excited!

It’s a pretty painless experience. Jen completely knows what she’s doing and I never once felt nervous shed prod me in the eye or drop the tweezers on me. You can just feel her gently separating your natural lashes and that’s about it for what you can feel.

One thing I would say about this treatment is it isn’t quick. And neither should it be. It’s painstaking work, attaching individual lashes one by one. Jen must have attached dozens to my face during the two hour appointment. I would definitely recommend having a good stretch and a wriggle every so often (make sure you aren’t having a lash applied at the exact moment!) so you don’t seize up as you do have to stay super still. You might also want to grab a drink through a straw every couple of minutes – if you fall asleep with your mouth open (like I did!), you’ll feel like something has crawled in and died! But in general, it’s a super chilled and relaxed appointment.

So after two hours hard graft from Jen and two hours sitting on my arse doing absolutely nothing from me, my gorgeous new lashes were complete. And I was in love!

Without your make up, yes they are more stark and noticeable but once I had some foundation on and I’d got my brows sorted, they honestly just looked like the most gorgeous, dark, long, luscious, natural lashes. I experimented with a full on smokey eye too, a look I would usually add false lashes too and it looked gorgeous.

The up-keep is super easy. Just avoid anything to oily on your eyes and be gentle. I am finding working around my lashes to take my make up off a bit of a faff and as a big fan of rubbing my face and eyes, I’ve had to refrain from that. The only incident I’ve had is waking up hung over and one of the lashes twisted round and stabbed me in the eye, I thought I was going blind! Serves me right for getting so drunk and leaving all my make up on though!

Jen recommends a top up every three weeks. I think these lashes are a totally gorgeous treat for your holiday or over Christmas. I know a lot of people who have them all the time and I can totally see why – you just feel more ‘done’.

Jen is doing a fab introductory offer for £60 which includes your first infill too (within three weeks of your initial treatment), giving you around six weeks of fabulous lashes. When a packet of Eyelure lashes are nearly £6 a go, I’d say that’s damn good value.

For more information, visit the Infinite Lashes website or give Jen a call on 07794 209 811. You can also see loads more examples of her work on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Give her a shout to get yourself glam and gorgeous in time for the Christmas festivities!




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