This holiday was looooong overdue.


I mean, who chooses to go on their summer holiday in November? Us apparently! But it was torture throughout the summer months, seeing everyone on Facebook enjoying their travels, whilst I was still in the office, just dreaming about my two weeks in South Africa.

And that’s before I even got to the stress of gathering my holiday wardrobe (first world problem, right there!). During the summer, when all the cute dresses and shorts were out, I didn’t have the cash to splash. Then by the time I did, all the lovely, snuggly autumnal stuff was in the shops!

Fortunately, I was saved by a couple of online shops (as well as some high street sale bargains out of season!) so I thought I’d share a couple of my purchases with you. (Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be going into more details about the holiday itself. This trip was a blogging dream!)



The thing that first attracted me to this paisley print t-shirt from Zara are those gorgeous, billowing sleeves. I loooove me a frilly sleeve! I also love the boxy shape – I don’t have much of a waist so rather than try and create one, I like to wear clothes that just go with the shape I’ve got and square, over-sized items seem to work for me (not that my body shape is square and oversized!). I thought the bright, primary colours in the print were so pretty and like nothing else in my wardrobe and for just £18 it was a total steal and looks great with denim.

South Africa was also the first outing for these fun, rope tie flip flips from Topshop. I had to experiment with tying them so they didn’t look daft and I found fastening them at the back of my ankle worked best. They were dead comfy and having picked them up in the sale for £7, it doesn’t matter if they only make an appearance once a year!



I saw one of my favourite You Tubers Patricia Bright wearing this and it looked so cute on her. It’s not my usual style – I’ve never bought anything off-the-shoulder before but this looked a bit different with the sleeves being attached separately to the top. And when Miss Guided had a 50% off everything deal, I snapped it up for just £11!

I actually wore it at home for a night one before we went away and to make it a bit more ‘me’, popped my mom jeans from Urban Outfitters over the shorts so it looked like a top. It worked really well and I got loads of complements. Plus it means I’ll get more wear from the playsuit.

For my holiday I went the whole hog and got my legs out. And whilst I really like the look (I paired it with the contrasting red sandals and a bright red lip in First Class from Colourpop – the exact colour seems to has disappeared from their site but this is a close one), the sleeves are a massive pain in the arse! Don’t try and wave, lean over to grab something, bend down to tie your shoes, run your hands through your hair, anything. The fact the little arm bits are attached separately means I’m constantly hear a ‘riiiiipppp’ as the stitching comes away from the body of the suit. Soon, they won’t be attached at all, just random little circles of striped fabric I can’t do anything with! But it’s a cute outfit while it lasts!



I know a bikini isn’t an outfit but it’s not very often I actually find a bikini I like, so I wanted to shout about this one.

I like Miss Guided as a shopping site. There’s lots of choice, the price point is good and the quality of the products is generally up there. But for the love of god, would they employ some ‘normal’ looking models! I’ve always shied away from their swimwear because it’s impossible to know how you’d look in it in comparison to the 5’9” size eight models with their beautiful pert boobies and thigh gap! But they did some really nice separates (pet hate, bikinis that come as a set! Stupid! Who is the same size on their bottom half as their top?) so I thought I’d look past the unrealistic models and go for it.

I’m delighted with this bronze number. I love the colour – something I’ve not seen before – it’s got a beautiful metallic sheen to it and the fabric is really nice. The fit is also great – I went for a 14 top and a 12 bottoms which is fine. My tummy is the part of me I hate and I used to go for high waisted bikini bottoms to hide it. Actually, they made it look worse! They low slung ones are much more flattering and the top gave my chest a bit of a lift, without pushing my tits up around my neck like underwired bikini tops do.

Over all, a real success and I didn’t feel a total pig wearing it! It was £18 in total for the set so amazing value and Miss Guided are always giving you some code or another. Definitely worth a try when your holiday rolls around.



If there’s two things you need to take on holiday, it’s denim shorts and a big ol’ hat! And I lived in these two things on our trip to Safa.

I bought two new pairs of dukes (as in Daisy!) for the trip. One pair that were really ripped and frayed, just something a bit grungier. And then just a normal pair with a little slit either side of the leg, to accommodate my thighs the more I ate. Both were from Topshop.

Denim shorts got with everything and you can wear them day or night – they’re a holiday must have.

I often paired my shorts with a bodysuit – I like tucking things in and having a body suit on saved too much digging around in my pants to keep my top in there! The white one I’m wearing on the beach is from ASOS and I’ve got a black one from Miss Guided.

The hat also barely left my head for the two weeks – it took that long to wear it in! I have an unusually large head – like freakishly large. It’s a running joke with everyone I know how massive my head is. Maz’s hats literally perch on top of my noggin, whilst when he puts mine on, it rattles around his ears!

When I spotted this in H&M a few months ago, I was over-the-moon to see they came in different sizes! I went for the large (58cm!!!) obviously. It was a total bargain at £10 and I just thought it made even the simplest of denim short and body suit combo, look a bit cooler.

I’m working on a travel post to tell you all about our amazing holiday but I hope for now, this has kept you occupied for a few minutes and maybe given you some inspiration for when the summer finally rolls around again – seems a long way off now doesn’t it!

I’d love to hear which of my outfits you liked in the comments, please do let me know!





  1. Hi Lauren, it’s Glenys, your mum’s old schoolfriend. Nice article! Have you got round to writing about what you did while in South Africa? I could do with some ideas, as we’re going there in November.


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