I know what you might be thinking when you read the title of this blog.
Botox? Eugh! What’s she getting Botox for? She’s 30 years old, she doesn’t need Botox. No, I don’t need Botox (and neither do you!), but I sure as hell wanted to give it a go!

For many years now, I’ve had these long lines on my forehead. To be honest, I always thought they were some sort of scar, left behind by the acne I suffered as a teenager. But it was only in the past couple of years, as I started to get more into make up and testing different products and being more aware of what works for my skin, that they really bothered me.

My make up would gather in them and my forehead just wasn’t smooth. And it’s a pretty big forehead! A fringe was out of the equation, my hair is far too curly, so I started to look into what I might be able to do to solve the problem.

After a fair amount of research, I came across a new company called Maxella Aesthetics, run by two qualified nurses and based here on the Wirral. Even though it was a small and relatively new company, I’d met co-owner Jess before and trusted her to give me impartial advice. I wonder if some of the bigger companies are a bit more inclined to bullshit you because they have sales targets to meet?

Anyway, Jess told me the lines were dynamic lines, caused by the movement in my forehead over the years. I have a really expressive face (I always say my left eyebrow needs its own Twitter account, it has such a life of its own!) so that had made the lines pretty deep. I’d also noticed I was starting to develop a bit of a frown line between my eyes so I wanted to sort that out too, more of a preventative thing than anything else, before I develop a cavernous crevice between my eyes.

My first meeting with Jess involved going through my medical history and signing a few forms. A local GP also popped round to actually prescribe the Botox toxin itself. This was all pretty straight forward and allowed me plenty of opportunity to ask loads of questions.

After some discussion with Jess, we decided I would go full frozen with my forehead. This was the best way to reduce the lines significantly without having any hint of dropping in my brows. I’ve got to admit, losing all movement in my forehead really scared me. Like I said, I’m proper expressive and losing all that really didn’t appeal at first. However, I’d come to Jess to get rid of my lines and if that’s what it needed, then that’s what we’d do. And it’s also worth saying, Botox is not permanent, it lasts around 6 months so if I really hated the lack of movement, it would eventually return.

Jess plotted out a grid on my forehead so we knew exactly where she was going inject and she got to work.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and it’s what everyone’s asked me. Did it hurt? Now, I haven’t given birth but I have had the odd piercing and a couple of tattoos (much to my Dad’s disgust!) so I have an OK pain threshold. So the short answer is no, no in the slightest. The needle is so short, you barely feel it – just a pinch and a scratch. I can honestly say, I’d rather get Botox again than have my legs waxed!

Just a few minutes later, and we were done. No bruising, no bleeding, just a couple of red marks. I felt pretty confident I didn’t look like a Clingon leaving the salon. 

Jess explained that treatment would take about four days before I started to see any results. And sure enough, four days after the treatment, I was really starting to see a difference. The movement in my head was greatly reduced, I couldn’t twitch my eyebrows anywhere near as much and raising my brows to crinkle my forehead wasn’t going to happen.

And whilst this was a little weird and my head ached when I tried it, the most important thing was the lines were reduced by about 80% and I was delighted!

My forehead looked so much smoother and I just felt my whole face had a brightness and luminosity to it that it hasn’t had before. I honestly loved the effect. The treatment had between my brows has also worked a treat – it’s just lifted my entire face. Nothing drastic but enough for me to notice a difference. 

I really love the effect. Would I get it done all the time? Probably not. Not being able to move your eyebrows is weird and sometimes if I try to hard, I get a weird headache! But the effect on smoothing my skin is amazing and I’ve certainly got rid of the lines. So let’s see about getting it done again? 


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