I started La Lux back in September 2015. 

It was a way of focusing on positive, fluffy things that brought a little joy to my life (and hopefully, those same things bring joy to your life and that’s why you read my posts).
And now, as we start a new year, that philosophy of focusing on the positive, remains. Having said that, 2016 has been a bit of a year, hasn’t it?

But 2016 has also been full of some amazing moments for me. So I thought I’d look back on a couple of those moments whilst talking about my dreams for 2017. Who knows which ones will have come true when I read this back in 12 months time?



Maz and I really like to spend our money on travelling. It’s why we still haven’t finished our house five years on. And 2016 was one of our most epic years yet! We travelled to three continents, both hemispheres and six countries between us. From Newcastle to Cape Town, Boston to Copenhagen, 2016 has been the year of the traveller and I cannot wait to go nuts in 2017.

I’ve already got casual Brussels and Amsterdam trips in the bag and Maz and I are planning our next big, long-haul trip. We promised ourselves South Africa would be our last big hurrah, that we’d settle down and stop on the big holidays. Then we thought… nah! We just love being a little married unit, having cool adventures and drinking enough Belgium beer that we puke on public transport (another story!).



I’ve worked in my current job in comms for five years now. I’m so lucky to work for a brilliant charity that does amazing things, things I truly believe in and that make a difference in the world. I’ve peddled some right shit in previous PR roles and worked for some truly awful people so I count my blessings that that isn’t my life anymore.

2016 was another busy year in work and I learnt so much. I became a manager, something I’m keen to get better at and do more of and we worked on some amazing projects.

In 2017, I’m planning on focusing on my career. I’m not sure whether that’s going to be in a new place; maybe a new challenge would be good for me? Or perhaps it means stretching myself to my limit in my current role and putting everything I’ve learnt over the past few years into practise. Wherever I end up work-wise in 2017, I’m determined to make my career my focus, take a few (calculated!) risks and test myself. I know I’m capable of so much, I just need to create the opportunities to show it.



Our house has been pissing my off for years. Like years. I lie in bed thinking of all the things I need to do, stuff I need to buy, walls to paint and cracks to fill. And this year, I’m getting it done.

In 2016, Maz and I had literally no spare cash for the house (this photo is five years old by the way. Turns out, I don’t take any photos of the house!). Between our travelling and endless socialising, it just went to the bottom of the to-do list. Well, 2017 is going to be different.

We actually spent Friday sorting out all our shit and my wardrobe now looks like something off of MTV Cribs (if it was walk in and full of Louboutins, but you get the drift!) and I bought us a new bin for the bedroom. Baby steps!

But on a larger scale, the hall is getting a Pinot Noir make over in the coming days and the lounge is covered in wallpaper samples. The kitchen is a big job too, with false ceilings and boxing in of pipes a priority. I love our little house (mostly because its ours!) but I also feel like its an extension of our personalities and I’m really keen it reflects us (well me, Maz doesn’t get too involved in the decisions!) so I’m super excited to make it perfect over the next 12 months.



This is a bit of a contradiction to point two – I’m still working out if I can have both. I’m pretty sure I wrote about potentially having a baby in 2016 but obviously that hasn’t happened. The timing just hasn’t been right. Maybe that’ll change in 2017.

Or maybe it won’t?

There is so much pressure on married women my age to have a family. We will totally have a baby, if it’s meant to be. We really want children. I’m excited and terrified by the prospect in equal measure. But I’ve got lots to focus on this year. So if it happens, wow, that will be bloody nuts. But if it doesn’t, I’m 30 and ten months, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a little bit of time before my raisin-like ovaries, shrivel-up, go black and fall right out of me.

Whatever your plans are for 2017, I hope for you that it’s all you’ve dreamed. I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness. I wish you strength when times are hard and the ability to appreciate the times when they’re great. I hope you make a year of amazing memories, that you travel, give lots of kisses, drive a fast car, eat a massive dessert without caring, sing at the top of your lungs and do lots of other glorious little things that make life worth living.

Happy New Year.




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