I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since my 30th. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

Whilst my 31st wasn’t quite the huge glamorous celebration I had entering the new decade (I wrote about my 30th birthday celebrations at the time and my fabulous birthday trip to New York. Go check them out!), it was still a completely lovely day. I celebrated with a weekend in Belgium with two friends (blog post to follow!) and some other lovely treats.

I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous gifts I got. Not to be braggy, so I hope you don’t take it that way, but more to inspire you for the 31-year-old in your life or just if you fancy being nosey! Enjoy!


I always end up borrowing my Mum’s hand luggage suitcase for weekends away. And whilst this is fine, I thought asking my parents for one for my birthday would be a great idea.

I was immediately drawn to this antique pink one from a brand called Lipault Paris. I flippin’ loved the fun colour; I’m not much of a pink person but this is a lovely subtle shade. Even the wheels are pink! It’s a soft bag, but still has a suitcase feel to it. It makes it super light and durable. And the four wheels is handy – it just glides around the airport.

I didn’t want a hard-case one; I worry they’ll scratch and get dented if I had to check it in. They’re also heavier I think and you can’t cram them into spaces as there’s no give. And I also wanted one with a pocket on the front, for my magazines and anything else I just needed to grab quickly, like my liquids for going through security.

So this is the perfect present and I can’t wait to use it more on future getaways. They had a few matching bits too, including this cute little Dorothy-style shoulder bag, but I was worried about being a total matching-luggage wanker. What do you think?


I always say I’m like the Queen, I never carry cash. Unlike the Queen, I don’t have cash, full stop, never mind any to carry around with me! And if I do have any, it gets spent on M&S meal deals and unnecessary lipstick purchases within minutes. So I was desperate for a card wallet for ages.

My friend H bought me this beautiful rose gold and antique silver one from Oliver Bonas, a store I’ve lusted after for ages but never actually bought anything from so I’m chuffed to be starting my Oliver Bonas collection!

I’m dead excited to streamline my purse with this; realistically, do I need to carry my Odeon Premier Card with me everywhere I go? Why am I hauling my Oyster card around Merseyrail, where it is totally useless? God knows! So this little gem will hold my essentials; bank card, Boots Advantage and Costa Card!


What a treat! My friend L really spoilt me with this gift. The pair of us have been talking about investing in this miracle toner for ages so I was thrilled to unwrap a bottle on my birthday.

According to Pixi, “this best-selling, cult favourite exfoliating toner perfects skin tones and texture, resulting in a healthy glow.” It’s got 5% glycolic acid, ginseng and aloe vera so helps get rid of all the muck on your face whilst not being drying; it’s alcohol free.

I’ve used it am and pm since I got it; it smells lovely, not too overpowering for my dodgy skin and gets off all the remnants of the day. I’m excited to keep using it; would you like to see a review?


This was my ‘big present’ from Maz and I was beside myself to open it! How spoilt!

We’ve had an ancient CD player in our kitchen for years; it’s so old, it even had a cassette deck! I’ve been looking for something new to play my music in the kitchen for ages but just never found anything I like or that fit the bill – I wanted it to have a radio but also have Bluetooth so I could play Spotify or my Podcasts.

The Amazon Echo does all of that and I don’t even have to touch it! I just speak to it! Genius! I can’t wait to just go “Alexa, play some Little Mix” (basic music taste, I know, but it’s my kitchen!)

We’ve yet to crack it open properly and have a good play; but knowing Maz’s success with voice recognition when he tries to call the bank (I hear him screaming down the phone to the annoying robot who asks what you need, ‘I want to change my password. I WANT TO CHANGE MY PASSWORDDDD!!!’), this is defo going to be my little toy as it won’t understand a word he says!


Without making you vom into whatever it is you’re eating or drinking whilst you read this, the most wonderful gift I got for my birthday was time with my friends and family. I had a decadent, relaxed weekend in Brussels with H and M, a meal with my parents at the same restaurant we celebrated my 21st birthday ten years earlier (such a sweet idea from my mum!) and the most fabulous day day at Chester Zoo with M, A and A’s two children. Honestly, you’re in a bad mood or need cheering up? Take a two year old to the zoo! I swear to god, his giggle is like crack cocaine, it’s addictive and you just want more and more (I’m not talking from experience about the crack, FYI!). It was a fantastic birthday and I felt super spoilt and that was before I’d opened a single present.

Thank you to everyone who helped me have such a wonderful birthday and for all my gifts; I received so many lovely one’s and I’m so grateful.

Have you got any great gift ideas? Are there any of the things I got for my birthday you had your eye on that I can review in more detail for you? Let me know in the comments below.








  1. Love you blogs Lauren, Happy belated birthday. I too have dodgy skin….sensitive yet dry so would love a review of the toner if you wouldn’t mind? 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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