A few weeks ago, I posted on my social media that I’d found this total gem-sounding product and did people fancy a review?

Turns out, lots of you did so I’ve appointed myself as official La Lux lab rat in order to test it out and see what I think.

Officially known as keratosis pilaris, I’ve been referring to it for years as ‘corn beef arms’. To be honest, it was only in the last few years I realised I wasn’t the only person in the world who suffered with those gross little red bumps on the back of your arms and sometimes calves too.

So that’s probably the first thing to acknowledge here; you are not alone. I have them and they’ve been pretty bad in the past. Angry red lumps on the bag of my arms, some raised or really rough feeling and I’ve scratched and picked them till I’ve had blood trickling down to my elbows or soaking through my tops. TMI perhaps, but it’s basically to demonstrate, you’re not the only one, so chill out.

They even got so bad, at Uni (that’s how long I’ve had them, pretty much as long as I can remember!), one little lump become so angry, hard and sore, I had to have it removed under local anaesthetic and now have a lovely keloid scar in place of the bump – so a slightly lesser evil!

Anyway, it’s always been a body hang up for me. Not something I’ve let bother me – I wore my sleeveless wedding dress with pride and don’t particularly enjoy fake tan so don’t use it to cover them. But Maz has lovely smooth arms I’ve always been envious of and it would just be nice if mine could be a bit more lady-like and not like chicken skin.

Queue, Arm-A-Goodun Back-of-the-Arm-bump Smoothing Serum from Soap and Glory. I spied this product on one of my weekly (alright, sometimes almost daily!) wanders around Boots. It’s not very often you find a product that literally speaks to you about an exact problem you have, never mind something as specific as this. I knew I had to have it. All other remedies I’ve read about online are only available in the States or are super expensive, and as I said, it’s a pain but it’s not stopping me living my life.

This was £10. Now I wouldn’t normally spend that spontaneously on a body cream but this really appealed, so I took the plunge (double points always helps too!). The blurb says it’s a “targeted treatment for tackling back-of-the-arm bumps”.

It’s a really big 150ml bottle with Soap and Glory’s signature pink, quirky packaging which I love. It squeezes out of the bottom too, meaning you’ll never miss a drop, unlike a pump-action bottle.

It contains ingredients including AHA fruit smoothing complex from bilberry, sugar cane and orange extract, kukui nut oil and grapefruit and rosemary essential oils. I’ve already heard grapefruit is really good for this kind of thing so that was a selling point. And I’ve no idea what a bilberry is but it sounds nice!

It’s an orange, gel-cream with tiny microbeads and smells completely delicious, as I’ve come to expect from Soap and Glory. And it is a dream to use! It smooths on and the beads instantly disappear into your skin. It leaves no sticky residue and you can get dressed straight away. It really is gorgeous.

But more importantly, does it get results? I’ve been using it, more or less, once a day for about four weeks now and I see an improvement. The bumps are less angry and my skin feels smoother. It’s definitely doing something (excuse the photos, at least I shaved my arm pits!)

Do be careful if you use this over the summer though; the AHA’s can cause you to be more sensitive to the sun so you may burn easier so don’t forget to slap on the suncream even more if you’re using this.

Overall, I’d say its definitely worth £10. I’m really enjoying using it and seeing solid results (which I hope you can get a sense of in these photos), so it’s a winner in my book.


I’m giving a bottle of this away to one of my readers for you to try yourself! 

Simply like and share the blog post on Facebook or comment on my Instagram post with a 💪🏼 emoji to enter. (You can do both and it will count as two entries so even more chance of winning!)

I’ll select a winner next Sunday 9th April. 

I’d love to know your thoughts if you try this yourselves. Have you seen results? Or is there anything else you can recommend for the dreaded corn-beef arms? I’d love to know in the comments below.




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