Happy Easter everyone!

Now, Illamasqua is one of my favourite beauty brands.

But it turns out, whilst its been a staple in many a make up bag for a good few years now, it’s still a little bit underground when it comes to the main stream cosmetics market.

It’s not a cheap brand; its actually a little more expensive than MAC which means it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Hell, when eye shadows are £16.50 each, it doesn’t appeal to me! But it has a few stand out products that I think are worth that extra investment. It also has amazing sales a few times a year (something that is INCREDIBLY rare for a high-end cosmetic brand) so you can try out some of their products for a fraction of the price.

(UPDATE: Illamasqua are actually having 20% off all Easter weekend with the code EASTER20 if you want to stock up)

I thought I’d go through my hero Illamasqua products, all of which are cruelty-free, beautifully packaged in signature black boxes and available either online at Illamasqua or at their stand alone store in Liverpool.


This product is life changing. If you’re looking to give contouring a go, or even if you’re a total contour fiend, you need this product in your make up bag, particularly as the warmer weather (hopefully!) moves in.

It looks really scary in the tube. But take a small face brush or contour brush, sweep over the product and apply to the hollows of your cheeks or your hairline (or both, as I have to, plus my nose!) and it gives the most subtle, gorgeous contour. The grey tones in the product are great on so many skin tones as they mimic the natural shadows in your face and as it’s so subtle, it’s hard to go over board.

The product is mostly water-based so is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also a great wash of colour on the eyes or the lips so is a perfect multi-use product to chuck in your beach bag.

2. MATTE VEIL, £32

If you’ve been reading La Lux for a while, you’ll know all about my skin woes. My skin is oily, spotty and dry, all at the same time. Perfect!

I also had Botox in my forehead a couple of months ago (read about my experience here) and that, combined with my oily skin means I go shiny. Like shine-y! This oil controlling primer is a God send!

The packaging is fiddly, I’ll give it that. Whilst it looks beautiful on your dressing table, the twist lid, followed by a flip lid, followed by the little spoon to get the product out is a bit of a pain. But use the spoon to daub the product on your T-zone and cheeks and you’re laughing. It’s a lovely salmon-pink colour, gel creme and smells lovely.

I apply it after my moisturiser but under my make up and it really helps to keep the shine at bay throughout the day. I can’t be bothered with power touch ups or anything so this is really helpful for making sure I don’t sweat my face off by lunch time.


I’m not really one for highlighter. All this shit about glowing like a mirrorball, looking like you’ve got glass stuck on your face, or whatever people say when they have ‘on fleek’ highlight, is not my jam. My skin is just a bit bumpy and gross on my cheek bones; it’s not really a part of my face I’m crazy about highlighting.

This product has changed that.

It’s almost too beautiful to delve into; the creamy, iridescent cushion of highlighter, sitting like a queen in a sleek black compact, I nearly didn’t want to dig my brush in. I said nearly.

You only need the subtle wash across your cheekbones, nose and Cupid’s bow as I’ve done in the photo above; a big fluffy eye shadow brush will work if you don’t have a specific highlight brush (although I bought this gorgeous pointed highlighter brush from The Body Shop the other day which is perfect. There are always discount codes on Vouchercloud too to save money). It’s also beautiful on the eyes. I can’t wait to load this all over my face on my holidays!


Like I said in the intro, £16.50 for an eye shadow is a lot. When you can buy palettes of the things for not much more, it’s a big investment in one single pan. So why am I including this in my favourite products? The sheer versatility of this eye shadow means for £16.50 you get an eye shadow, contour and bronzer all in one; that’s the perfection of the colour of this.

I use this every single day (this is a new one that I’m yet to dig into, I bought it ahead of time because I knew I wouldn’t be able to be without it once my old one ran out!) around my hairline, along my cheekbones (I then stick a swirl of MAC’s Give Me Sun Bronzer right at the top, by my ears for that extra sumthin’ sumthin’!). I also use it on my eyelids all the time, with a little bit of liner blended out, it’s my perfect easy, grungy look.


This is a controversial one. It’s not a product I reach for very often but it’s so beautiful and such a unique shade, I had to include it. It’s definitely not for the feint heated.

Berber is a beautiful deep bronze shade, almost red, with a luxurious gold glitter shot through it. It’s described on the website as autumn shimmer and I think that sums it up really well.

You don’t need a whole tonne of this stuff so that’s why I don’t invest in too many pigments; there’s so much product, you’ll never get through it in a lifetime. With products like this, like the MAC Pigments also, I always recommend clubbing in with a friend, get one each and decant half of each product in to a little pot and go halvie, halvies! That way you get two products and you’ll never finish them!

I like to use this all over the lid and under the eye too with a pop of black liner in the waterline for a full on, night out look. Because I go out all the time me :). Barry M Dazzle Dust is a great alternative to more expensive pigments.

My blush above is Illamasqua Blush in Lover and Hussy, a beautiful pink and peach duo; a great product but not a fave. My lipstick in these shots isn’t Illamasqua. It’s NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. 

Illamasqua do free delivery, free returns and 15% off on your birthday. It’s definitely worth checking them out. Their beautiful store in the Metquarter in Liverpool is also well worth a visit.

I’d love to know if you have any favourite Illamasqua products you think I should put on my wish list. Let me know in the comments section. 






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